Unirail AV trims and supplies
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Unirail AV trims and supplies

UniRail AV trims and supplies

Wall surfaces put to efficient use

Using the UniRail AV Rail system, you can equip your meeting room effectively without fixing to the walls. The system allows you to place and glide writing boards, flip-charts, projection screens and notice boards to the optimal place.

The length of the UniRail AV trim is 2400 mm. Available in white and grey. UniRail can be joined to create a decorative strip. UniRail is available as a single or double rail. Double rail allows boards to be moved over one another. There is a paper attachment groove at the bottom edge of the UniRail.

Light weight writing boards, flip-charts, notice boards or projection screens can also be attached to UniRail. 

Supplies: single or double rail (2,400 mm), end protectors (2 pcs) for single and double rail, décor strip (1 m) for single and double rail.