The materials of the notice board affect the décor of the room with their position, colours and surface choice. Fabric, Cork, Bulletin Board or Linen can be used as the surface material. 

Have a look our new Hush Felt Notice Board which reduces reverb in a room and the felt surface softens the look of the walls. Hush Felt Notice Boards is also available Round shape, read more.

With the fabric boards, we standardise on 100% cotton fabric, which is available in 25 colours. The colours can be specified according to the room décor and the choice of edge trimming provides the finishing touch. The trim options include the popular anodised Pro aluminium trim, Ultra trim, Sky trim or Wood trimming. 

M1 Our fabric and linen boards are M1-certified. 

Hush Ecophon Acoustic panels can also be used as mounting surfaces, read more.